A Letter To My Husband

(Before we begin, I would like to be honest with you that i’m not really good at expressing my personal thoughts and emotions into words. These words and language right here is purely from the heart and if it gets lost in translation, I truly apologise.)

My dearest Husband,

To the man I love who never stops trying and striving even when life puts him in a lot of hurdles in his pursuit of achieving his dreams.

From the first day i’ve known you, you will always try your best to accommodate everyone around you, especially your elders. You believe and respect that your parents knows best and with their support and blessings, you went to the school of their choice even though you knew from the beginning that it wasn’t really for you. But for the love and the sake of your parents you proceeded on the A’level track for a few years and yet it wasn’t meant to be.

After which you tried moving on to the next institution, a polytechnic, in hopes that a diploma could be the right pathway for you. Unfortunately after a spending almost half a year in the new institution, as a Singaporean man you were called in for National Service.

 It was unavoidable, no more deferment, and suddenly everything was put on hold again.

Two years of National Service passed by, I was already working for a couple of years and we were already together for almost nine years then. Naturally, we started talking about marriage. The both of us were seeing things eye to eye and we wanted to take our relationship to the next level which is settling down. Mostly we felt that what we had been together far too long and we wanted our relationship to be permissible in the eyes of Allah SWT.

We also made plans to move to Tasmania for a couple of years once we’re married so that I could further my studies there and you could be with me. Though initially, it felt a little selfish of me to be just thinking of myself. What about his dreams? What about his goals?

But you said that I too am part of your dreams and my happiness was your fulfilment.
And you agreed so willingly to put your dreams and success on hold just for me.

Then, I asked myself how can one be ever so selfless.

Both of us at 22 ,
took a brave step and talked to our parents and family about marriage and a wedding in the near future. I must say, not everyone was receptive to the idea of it. Some said we were too young, some said you don’t even have a degree why do you even think of marriage and some went how are you going to provide her when you don’t have a job.

I’d be lying if I say that I wasn’t pressured nor bothered by those responses but we just had to brush everything off and focus on ourselves. The only thing we needed was to convince our parents and attain their blessings.
After months of proving to them that was what really wanted and that we knew what we were doing, they finally gave their blessings.

A week later, we got engaged and soon after
at 23 we were married.


And my dear husband, i’m sure all this while you must be wondering what happened to my Tasmanian dreams?

Somehow during the earlier stage in our marriage, I had a sudden change of heart. Seeing the sacrifices you’ve made and how you always put others first instead of yourself.
Made me wonder to myself if you are willing to do that for me, why can’t I do the same.

While you were a full time student, you were a husband, you were filial child to both your parents and grandad, you were always there for me when I needed your help with work and my travels and that’s not all you were also running a little curry puff business on the side from time to time.

I don’t know how you did everything so well, but you did.
The things you did weren’t lucrative but you knew along the way that it’ll brings us greater rewards.


It’s you who thought me how to be selfless,
It’s you who you guided me closer to Allah SWT and
it’s you who you always bring out the best in me without you realising.


The day finally came,
you made it on that stage in your robe and mortar board, smiling from ear to ear and especially after a long arduous journey you’ve come, you truly deserve only the best. As your wife, I couldn’t be any happier and prouder of you.

Real husbands & wives don’t compete with each other, we fix each others’ crown.
For all the days, he stood by my side, ensured that I look my best and made me shine like the brightest star in his eyes. Today’s the day I stand by his side and it’s finally his turn to shine.

Looking back at this, reminded me how blessed we are to be surrounded by those closest to our hearts on this very day. All these milestones wouldn’t be possible without their countless support, encouragement and blessings.

So it’s true they say when two souls love each other for the sake of Allah SWT everything will fall into it’s place just beautifully…

P.s. I would like to thank you for agreeing to embark with me on this unconventional journey and a life full of spontaneity.

Three years ago, I knew that you were the one for me and today, I am truly certain of it.

Your loving wife,


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