Finally framing them up

Hello April.
You’ve been a month filled with lots of work (alhamdulillah) and also it’s the month that Fattah and I turn a year older which means to our marriage as well!  Sheesh! Time flies.

Being married for 3 years and always too caught up with life, we have never got the chance to do something cheesy like filling our wall with precious moments and our milestones. Well, initially I guessed that we don’t see the need to because we are always around each other everyday and perhaps most of our photos lands up on Instagram. So why print right?

It just felt like it was for the sake of personalising or a decor. But I knew that it has to be more than just that.

After thinking deeper for the reasons and intentions behind going through all that trouble just to hang up a frame and a photograph. I came to a conclusion, which makes perfect sense to me that it’s for remembrance to strengthen family ties.

To be honest, how often would you look back at those Instagram posts that you’d have about your family or loved ones. Once it’s up on your IG, you’ll look at it for about a few days or perhaps if you’re lucky, for a couple of weeks.

After that, everything’s history.

So Fattah and I have decided that we should start framing and installing a few of our favourite moments up on our walls which I think it’s a brilliant idea.

So whenever we’re back home and not on our phones, we’ll be able to reminisce at all those moments and adventures we’ve been through.


The arrangement that Fattah and I planned turned out exactly the way we wanted.

A photo of our solemnisation, wedding day, my favourite bouquet from Fattah, our favourite holiday destination in Phuket just us standing side by side overlooking the sea and gazing at the sunset worry free, our first Europe trip and a road trip of a lifetime.

We loved it!

I really can’t thank Print For Fun enough for the convenience of printing out our photos and sending it right to our doorstep! Needless to say that Fattah and I enjoyed every moment planning and executing this.

Well, all good things must be shared! I will do just that that right now.

Firstly, look through your stock photos and decide with your partner which ones that you’d like to print out. This was a piece of cake, Fattah set aside about 10-20 shots and then together we selected the top 10 photos to be printed.

Then head over to
and shop prints!

We went for the classic 2R-6R and the premium ones as planned.
Though we were so tempted to have the square ones because they’re so adorable. It was like Instagram coming to life!
But we have to stick with our plans.

Here’s a quick tip, before deciding on the size of photographs always refer back to the measurements of the frames that you’re planning to use.

Yep! IKEA is always the best option!

Once that’s settled, off you go sending in your orders.

Oh, did I mention that Print For Fun
do have an app as well that you can instantly send your orders in as well. I am already imagining ordering my next batch of photos from the comfort of my bed.

Once the order is in, just wait for a few days and done! They are amazingly efficient, just give them a few days (depends on the shipping method you’ve opted for) and they’ll be there. Trust me.

Once that parcel reaches your arms, it’s time to head down to IKEA and get those frames!

We wanted those simple thin black frames that goes well with our bedroom and obviously it’s the kind that you can never go wrong with.

Planning what to get before heading down to IKEA saves lots of time and money, if you know what I mean. You’ll stick to your budget and won’t stray away.

Before purchasing the frames remember to do a quick check that the photographs fits the frames!

Up next

On a Sunday afternoon, seems like the both of us have time to spare. We decided to put together the frames and photos.

I must say, super love those illustration PFF!

Make sure to securely fasten your photos with tape so that it’ll stay put.

Looks like we’re down to our last frame and everything is looking good!

After that’s done, it’s time to hang them up!

I highly advise to lay out the frames before fixing them up.
This was a struggle for me initially to settle on a layout I like because I really wanted to ensure that the proportion and balance of the entire layout were met.

Well, thank goodness for the existence of Pinterest, I managed to grasp a couple of tips to create a layout that I am happy with.

Time to fix it up!

To be honest, I am not really a fan of drilling walls unless I really needed to like hanging something that is heavy and most probably permanent.
So I opted for those light weight frames from IKEA and blue tacks to avoid creating permanent holes on our bedroom wall.

So far so good! It’s been a couple of weeks now, no signs of things falling apart and everything is still well intact.

Someone is looking really happy that we’ve finally pimped our room with photos! We managed to have everything sorted out over 4 different days during the spare hours we have.

Once again, thank you so much Print For Fun for making this possible for us. We can’t wait to fill our wall with more precious photos like these!

A simple meaningful activity like this doesn’t cost much.
We spent $16.50 for the 8 photographs including a standard mail and $37.20 for those IKEA frames.

That’s a total of $42.70 for a fun stay home Sunday kind of activity which won’t hurt your pocket!

If you’d like to purchase some prints yourself, head over to
PFF’s website or App!
And I have a 1o% discount code that I’d like to share with you!

Simply add
before checking out!


Hope you’ll have as much fun like we did!xx



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    This might sound cliche but I love reading your blog! Hehe ♥︎

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      Hi Haneza! Those words never sound cliche to me at all. Brings me so much pleasure to know that you’re loving it! Thank you so much!xx

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